Sterilray Pathogen Reduction Box

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Kills 99.98% of all viruses, bacteria and spores in 60 sec.


  • 360 disinfection in only two cycles
  • dry and environmentally friendly, no mercury lamp
  • ready to use
  • 99,999% (log 5) reduction of MRSA and VRE
  • no influence or wear of plastic or rubber

This is THE BIGGEST disinfection box (PRB) in the world!

Use the Sterilray Pathogen Reduction Box PRB Model S1000 to disinfect high touch items that are often passed from patient to caregiver and/or employee to employee. The PRB produces a high level of disinfection on each item placed in it.

Used to disinfect quickly movable patient articles, TV remote controls, stethoscopes, oximeter probes, pens, glasses, mobile phones, etc. An automatic shutdown makes the PRB control very easy to use.


Most UV products only deactivate the pathogens, Sterilray™ destroys them as well!

Far-UV Sterilray™ is faster, more effective, more durable and safer than any alternative currently on the market. Moreover, Far-UV Sterilray™ is the most environmentally friendly disinfection method on the market. Sterilray™ revolutionizes the world of UV air and surface disinfection with Far-UV Sterilray™ to destroy 99.98% of the world's most harmful pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores with unparalleled speed, ease and effectiveness.

The Sterilray™ technique prevents infections. As a result, there is less need for treatment with antibiotics. This leads to less resistance.

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