Destroys infections in less than 0.2 sec

Powerful airflow 

of no less than 6.4-10 m3 per minute

Destroys pathogens (pathogens) that affect air quality day and night. The unique Sterilray Eximer Wave technique not only prevents the spread of pathogens but also destroys them immediately.



Most UV products only deactivate the pathogens, Sterilray™ also destroys them!


Far-UV Sterilray™ is faster, more effective, more durable and safer than any alternative currently on the market. Moreover, Far-UV Sterilray™ is the most environmentally friendly disinfection method on the market. Sterilray™ revolutionizes the world of UV air and surface disinfection with Far-UV Sterilray™ to destroy 99.98% of the world's most harmful pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores with unparalleled speed, ease and effectiveness.

The Sterilray™ technique prevents infections. As a result, there is less need for treatment with antibiotics. This leads to less resistance.

Sterilray Air Surface Disinfection Unit (ASDU)

The Sterilray ASDU is up to 1000x more powerful than other UV solutions!


  1. Rest assured that disinfection takes place 365 days/year
  2. Confidence that pathogens are proactively reduced by ASDU
  3. Rapid high-quality disinfection of room air and all exposed objects
  4. Can be used every night for maximum disinfection or during the day for a
    high degree of disinfection to be achieved between room occupancy.
  5. Reduces the incidence of POWI and healthcare-associated infections, thus saving on patient care
  6. Supports extensive decontamination
  7. Improves or complements existing manual application methods for cleaning

Sterilray ADV is the solution for areas with a risk of contamination.



Operating Theaters


Emergency Rooms


Routine in critical washrooms


Patient areas with high risk


Critical care rooms with patient contact




Clean Rooms


Decontamination zones


Biogenetics labs


Quarantine areas


VIP areas

Sterilray ADSU is the supplement to cleaning protocols

Although not intended to replace existing cleaning protocols, Sterilray ASDU ceiling mounted devices can support extensive decontamination and improve or complement existing manual application methods for cleaning and disinfection. Recent studies suggest that Sterilray Eximer Wave™ disinfection may be more effective when used after traditional cleaning protocols. Therefore, cleaning should remain an important part of terminal area disinfection.

Progress is daring to be open to improvement

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