CovShield intubatiebescherming

Bescherming voor COVID-patiënten
en voor medisch personeel





Safe intubation during COVID-19 crisis


The risk

With the outbreak of the sars cov2 virus, anesthesiology has been faced with new challenges regarding the safe intubation of patients. Therefore in general, the intubation procedure is considered to be a procedure that carries a very high risk of infection. This is because the person who intubates is close to the patient. And therefor the risk of contamination with salvia, blood, drops or aerosol and is considered important.
Dat komt doordat degene die intubeert bevindt zich dicht boven de patient. Daarbij ontstaat het risico op contaminatie met salvia, bloed, druppels of aerosol en wordt als belangrijk gezien.

The advice

The Dutch Association for Anesthesia has produced a guideline with advice. It is important to increase the distance to the mouth opening. Intubation with a video laryngoscope is recommended for this. Squared Medical can add a very effective protection: CovShield.

The solution

CovShield offers a very solid innovative protection at the time of intubation. A clear screen of solidly smooth plastic is attached to the disposable blade of the video laryngoscope. This completely covers the patient and no direct exchange of saliva, blood or aerosols is possible.

The application

The vocal cords are brought a vue. Because of this, the ET tube can be slid into the intubation opening through a thin plastic foil. To avoid any risk, we recommend attaching the ventilator filter to the tube before intubation. The tube can then be positioned completely on sight via the video laryngoscope.

If aspiration of mucus or blood is necessary, there is a suction port available, also closed by a thin artificial foil. CovShield is unique and offers a unique extra protection for the doctor and paramedics.
CovShield is unique and offers extra protection for the doctor and paramedics.


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